Fire Bad, Tree Pretty
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A Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatch and discussion podcast. Only slightly off the rails.

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    FBTP 40: A Wheelbarrow of Babies

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S03E06 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Band Candy." Points of interest: a plague of disappearing babies, how the mayor likes to sniff things, Buffy's thirst face, Scott who?, RIP my eye, Lydia treats us to a parody of a parody song, blatant ankle frottage, remember making out?, Ms. Barton: the real mvp, Extreme Teen Giles, Kotter Korner, shirtless formal, teenagering: do not do it, TGI-came of age before social media, dad style, sex jeans, Juicers, Wawa stories, getting to first base with your grandma, groin cloths, Lydia's cousin was on Wife Swap??, baby pageants, it's all fun and games until you blow your tushie off, double-babing, weird smell corner, candy math, tampons so large they won't fit into our backpacks, and ficverses.

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    FBTP 39: It's Better for Slapping

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S03E05, "Homecoming." Points of interest: Sextown USA, button your shirt Angel, banana shoes are a deal breaker, creepy van stories, why are you like this Jossua?, the logistics of getting mayo under your nails, bunker therapy, objecting to this senior picture farce, all of Buffy's friends suck, the return of the Gorch, parsing the bases, "I don't know if I can twerk in this dress!", panda bear ASMR, the rate of cupcake inflation, Giles' dad jokes, #blessedbywaffles, vegan pause, Queen C gets it done, the mayor knows the truth about children much agony, much choice, and Mr. Trick and Candy Gorch really elevate the fashion segment.

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    FBTP 38: Maul Me Gently

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S03E04, "Beauty and the Beasts." Points of Interest: Angel is definitely a never nude, so there's a naked teen boy locked in the book cage, parsing the Monty, Faith and Buffy - we’re here for it, graveyard party ambiance, serial killer eyes, stay salty Giles, welcome to the 90’s, where teachers smoke in their offices, therapy corner, magic pants! part 2, his pork and beans were completely out, Shackle Shack redux, don’t deny the power of cotton eye Joe, implied dick, cake donuts can fuck right off, our new commercial for fruit roll-ups, Scott should find better friends with Zip Recruiter, the ash debate, Lydia is in an abusive relationship with her cat, “I don’t like bringing horses into my sex life," state of the pod: not into pee stuff, werewolf zoomies, the gay possum, Canadian corner, and a whole lot of single entendre about putting "notes" in your "music comp book." #shackleshook #qualityshackles #getabetterwallsconce

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    FBTP 37: Gotta Have Faith

    We survived Dead Man's Party, and now it's Faith o' clock! In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S03E03 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Faith, Hope, and Trick." Points of interest: Queer as Folk break, shaking off the hornies, Stepford Buffy, Mr. Trick and how amazing he is, we time travel back to nineteen-dickety-six for some penny candies and 99 cent gas, Commandant Tingles, Buffy is betrayed by her face holes, George Michael Dance Break, we discover Lydia's attraction to the archetype of Business Douche, LET GILES KAYAK, Buffy gets slightly Single White Slayer-ed, Scott Hope is ignorant of normal relationship timelines and also is a homewrecker, Buffy spills all the beans about Angel and we hope everyone feels like garbage monsters now, it's raining naked vampires, let it flow?, Faith's boob curtain, a vagina full of marnox root, GOOP: the uterus saver, and Lydia wonders if she's the Xander.

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    FBTP 35: Your Meat Love is Dead

    Season 3 is upon us! In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S03E01 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Anne." Points of interest: our lives are terrible high school tv plotlines, debating The Rachel, Chad Todhunter, Summer in the Hamptons Barbie, Mushy and her meat love return, Lydia relives her family school-related nightmares, investigate my genitals, what can you do when a bitch is being a bitch?, Joss loves a Joan, sexy buttons, hope is a real thing (just like a penis), tea cozy corner, Barbie toilet paper covers, Oz TumWatch, several men left behind, lots of dead man’s party pre-rage, and the question that haunts us: WHAT ARE THEY MAKING?

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    FBTP 34.5: Best Wurst 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Season two is donezo! So in this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia take a minute before diving into season three, talk a bit about the season as a whole, and then give out some fake awards to fictional character who do not care. Please excuse the decline in audio quality in the latter half of this ep, Moloch got into our recording equipment and fucked some shit up.

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    FBTP 34: I Have Blood?

    It's the end times! Well, the end times of season two anyway. Join Amanda and Lydia for a meandering discussion of S02E22, "Becoming Part 2." We laugh, we cry, our lady parts are confused. Points of interest: unhelpful suspect descriptions, the history of chainsaws, Spike and Buffy sum their future selves up, Lydia is morally betwixt, Spike and Joyce’s Passions reaction series, Down the Well Again, OZ RETURNS, Snyder's first orgasm, SHUT UP JERRY, “la di da, I’m carpenter man,” Sunnydale General: go somewhere else, Angel’s taste in candlescapes is sub-par, inexplicable vampire choke holds, the most badass moment in the show probably?, Sarah Mclachlan’s devil music, Dusty takes Vamphattan, Leisure Suit Larry corner, Leprechaun corner, the Cordelia/Willow makeover makeover that should’ve been, and clarifying the definition of "shitscared."

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    FBTP 33: A Whole New World

    We've reached the finale! In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia celebrate with cold-blooded jelly donuts and discuss S02E21, "Becoming Part 1." Points of interest: Lydia ruins otters, when we were virgins who couldn't drive, mother grundlefuck, accent madness, tits on point, Jersey Shore, Angelus being a fucking drama llama, who hired you Doug?, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, archegological excavagators, fish stick theater, blue flops, Xander descends to new lows, stealing The Rocks, G-Town aka Giles Town aka the library, thrusting weapons, Angel rolling up to Hemery in a hoopty and falling in creepy love with lil' Buff Buff, Mr. GQ Sewer Edition, low-rent Doyle, Whangel, the ship that dare not speak its name, PCHOW, and Angela, the very best daughter.

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    FBTP 32: The Foulness

    In this episode, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E20, "Go Fish," in which we learn all about BOYS and their NEEDS. Points of interest: bad news bads, trash men, jicama breath, the ocean: teacher, mother, secret lover, sleeveless button down shirts, the insanity that is Willow teaching a class, Snyder the gaslighter, face like a date rapist, that genuinely horrifying car scene, oreo butt stuff, the incredible privilege of free juice cups and nacho cheese, Cordelia’s surprise artistic talent that no one appreciates, internalized misogyny, none of the Scoobies have ANY chill, pee in the pool: who cares?, the manners slayer, man meat, my pet fish monsters, New Jersey corner, and... WHERE IS OZ?

    P.S. Apparently blue lagoon was cousins, not siblings, so. I stand corrected.

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