Fire Bad, Tree Pretty
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A Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatch and discussion podcast. Only slightly off the rails.

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    FBTP 32: The Foulness

    In this episode, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E20, "Go Fish," in which we learn all about BOYS and their NEEDS. Points of interest: bad news bads, trash men, jicama breath, the ocean: teacher, mother, secret lover, sleeveless button down shirts, the insanity that is Willow teaching a class, Snyder the gaslighter, face like a date rapist, that genuinely horrifying car scene, oreo butt stuff, the incredible privilege of free juice cups and nacho cheese, Cordelia’s surprise artistic talent that no one appreciates, internalized misogyny, none of the Scoobies have ANY chill, pee in the pool: who cares?, the manners slayer, man meat, my pet fish monsters, New Jersey corner, and... WHERE IS OZ?

    P.S. Apparently blue lagoon was cousins, not siblings, so. I stand corrected.

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    FBTP 31: I Only Have Eyes for Moo

    Lo, our unplanned hiatus comes to an end! We're back, much like shitty James is back, only we're not going to shoot you and make you feel like it's your fault. We're discussing S02E18 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "I Only Have Eyes for You." Points of interest: The surprising origins of Sadie Hawkins Day, ghost gun logistics, vegan mention alert, the conspiracy to gloss over a huge plot hole involving Miss Calendar's computer, hot teachers, Kyle XY, nonchalant pre-Columbine depictions of guns in school, the questionable contents of Xander's locker, honestly though fuck James, late 90's pagan websites, Angel and his cattle, truly naked animals, wasps for everyone, "I guess Hitler felt sad sometimes," Buffy's weird as hell hair, throwing guns at people: don't do it, and last but definitely not least, some very seductive mooing.

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    FBTP 30: Children's Ward of Eternal Darkness

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E18 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Killed by Death." Points of interest: Lil' Buff Buff is lil' sick sick, "wigged" in the wild, that thing on Buffy's face, the Sunnydale child depot, Lydia's new laugh, the truth about children, Shackle Points, Lydia's ferret's voice, green light, STAN BACK... ter, hat tips for m'lady, cut rate Freddy Krueger, peen balls, who was phone?, Cult Corner, and a lot of talk about Ted Cruz's soup.

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    FBTP 29: Soul Glow

    We're back after a few weeks off! In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E17 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Passion." Points of interest: Sensuously gyrating Slayer, bad teen bushes, honestruation, Blanch Devereaux pajamas, Angel the charicature artist, draw me like one of your French rats, pity puppies, JUJU MAN, personal questions, cinematic glowments, Lydia's laugh is broken, Gramma C is a panty tosser, neck snappers anonymous, Angelus is Poochie, welcome to flavor town, Spuds MacKenzie corner, Terminator Giles, Jenny's confusing burial situation, and a Sunnydale PSA: just don't ever do anything in a public building after hours. WORK. FROM. HOME.

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    FBTP28: Oh Hecate No

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E16 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered." Points of interest: seasonally appropriate witch shit, Sunnydale residents continue to be incapable of checking their peripherals, Mrs. Beakman rocks it, grading men on a curve, tiny neck scarves, satin robes =/= raincoats, a woman who time-traveled from the 60's to hit on Xander, abrasive heterosexuality, Cordelia ditches the Cordettes, Lydia finally remembers her son's name, and we get one last sex tip for the road.

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    FBTP27: The Shackle Shack

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E15 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Phases." Points of interest: Oz and Willow's intense cuteness, your one stop shackle shop, Xander's garbage behavior, did your town have a "parking" area?, Gibby Cain and his endless supply of toxic masculinity, Larry comes out of the locker room, Aunt Maureen is a monster, Buffy's majestic were-steed, the secret lives of Bronze employees, Angelus and his guyliner twirl a daisy, Buffy and Xander have a weird moment that we hate very much, freeze frame: Willow kissage (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and a 10 minute detour through the horrifying landscape of Cosmo sex tips. This one is wacky, friends.

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    FBTP26: King Dick of Vampire Mountain

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E14 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Innocence." Points of interest: Angelus time, Drugasm, cliche parental sex-dar, emotional low blows, see ya Uncle Drama Queen, lots of discussion about the logistics behind Angel's stupid curse, Cordelia's uber-trashy sweater set, Xander's conveniently omniscient army man training makes its first appearance, Willow and Oz kill us dead they are so cute, Spike reconsiders how cool it is to have Angelus back, Rocket Launcher Buffy is the baddest badass, and Giles gets a statue in Father Town.

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    FBTP25: Magic Pants

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E13 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Surprise." Points of interest: wiggly dream fingers, Always maxi-wigs, Candle Vamp returns, Uncle Drama Queen, high school wives’ tales, Buffy’s terrible horrible no good very bad birthday, claddagh ring sales, magic vampire speed dressing, the Juliet Landau Admiration Society, Spike’s unsung and saint-like patience, RIP Dalton, so many questions about this dumb-ass curse, sympathy for the less-valued daughters of the tribe, Willow and Oz’s off-the-charts cuteness, questioning The Bronze’s business model, and several songs from Lydia, including one about Angel’s sexual technique. We feel a pre-birthday spanking coming on!

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    FBTP24: Not Without My Egg

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E12 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Bad Eggs." Points of interest: Lydia's lost son, the deeply problematic 1991 film Not Without My Daughter, Everyday Woman aka MOM STRIDE, 50 Shades of Grey, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Wister Mitmore, cute lil' muffins, what to expect when you're expecting an egg, Buffy and Angel have super-glued their mouths together, Joyce continues her terrible parenting streak, Cordelia's bear backpack, the Sunnydale SawMart, the Gorch brothers are here for some reason, and we have so many, many questions about the Bezoar.

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    FBTP23: RoboPop

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E12 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Ted." Points of interest: The Dragon and Tennille, mini-pizzas, we-ing all over the place, 9 gig rocket ships, mini golf crimes, Joyce's worst parenting yet, Bu-linda the Temp, fake science, the secret ingredient is drugs, the Overalls of Pain meet the Ponytail of Sadness, toxic masculinity, and grown-up smooches.

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