Fire Bad, Tree Pretty
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A Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatch and discussion podcast. Only slightly off the rails.

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    FBTP21: Debase the Beef Canoe

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "What's My Line? Part 1." Points of interest: Mister Pfister, door to door dildo salesman, sex boats, debasing the beef canoe, quality time with Mr. Gordo, Angel is feeling insecure, vampires on ice, Big Hockey's bloody secret, career fair feels, Dalton and Giles' buddy cop movie, the amazing and confusing Mr. Cross, and Willow and Oz finally meet!

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    FBTP 18: When It Raynes, It Pours

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E06 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Halloween." Points of interest: a vampire walks into a bar, Cordelia the sick burn phantom, be free Larry!, toxic masculinity ruins the party again, adorable snooping hijinks, hunka hunka burning dick, the right to vote > being sold as chattel to a baron at the age of 12, a care bear with fangs, the relatable nightmare of picking up something in a store and having it make a super loud noise, Ethan Rayne, Leave Willow Alone, a fine boo, the Duchess of Buffonia is exhausting, little minions with the assist, HELLO, RIPPER, literal wig snatch, and finger popping.

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    FBTP 17: Big Dickard Energy

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E05 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Reptile Boy." Points of interest: weird movie hang time, Dr. Debbie and her bad advice, The Ballad of Dickard and Balls, that graveyard convo leaves us stumped, Lies I Told My Non-Related Parental Figure, Rowdy Roddy Frat Boy, a non-specific Ask Jeeves search for the word "bent," Xander leaves his shift at Target to soft-stalk Buffy, shoddy housekeeping at the murder frat, our second Big Dick Monster of the series, the speed of justice in Sunnydale, voices we use for our pets, and lots of talk about The Patriarchy. CHOP IT WITH A SWORD.

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    FBTP 16: Human Lunchable

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E04 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Inca Mummy Girl." Points of interest: this insane museum,, a man made of swiss cheese, Willow's JNCO overalls, Knife Guy is bad at his job, never follow a whisper yell, Ampata's desiccated flesh prison, Devon + Harmony (#Hevon, we ship it), OZ ARRIVES and Lydia's pants catch on fire, severe mom jeans, inappropriate translation requests, archaeology club/crime club, Twinkie flirting fun times, kissucking in the girl's room, no dance for Buffy, Amanda is tuned into the dog frequency, Willow is too cute for this world, Giles' brain knocks itself unconscious, the whole cultural exchange hot mess, and a lot of very 90's lipstick.

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    FBTP 15: CRAZY About a Cad

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda, Lydia, and special guest real life friend of the pod Mike Brown discuss S02E03 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "School Hard." SPIKE IS HERRRRRRRRE, and we're ALL horny for this one. Points of interest: the Cadillac killer, Snyder's twisted justice, Meat Pie, SPIKE! SPIKE! SPIKE AND DRU!, pajama symbolism, brass goddamn knuckles, freeboobin', haunted doll watch, Angel and Spike's beautiful love, slap chop machete, Buffy's lemon water punch fail, Sunnydale's manufactured PCP crisis, Joyce to the rescue with the Community Axe, SUCK IT COLIN, Operation Egg Drop Soup, Lydia is pancakesual, and that's how you get a menstrual cup thrown in your face.

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    FBTP 14: Dad Fresh

    In this episode of Angel's Dad's Jacket, Amanda and Lydia discuss S02E02 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Some Assembly Required," during which they die and go to Dad Fresh over that fucking jacket. You are hearing our voices from beyond the dad grave. Please, we have one dying wish: lose the jacket. Points of interest: wedgies, grave robins, Yoyo Stakes, The Vampire Monologues, Eric def has toilet cams, my new supernatural revenge thriller: Groped by a Severed Hand, Team Dumpster vs Team Graveyard, TAN JACKET ANGEL, the extended saga of Dad Fresh, Dad Spice, and Parent Co., Xander is the goddamn worst (again), persuasion via football somehow, cheerleading corner, and the distressingly realistic thread of male entitlement that runs through this episode. Toxic masculinity ruins the party again!

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    FBTP 13: What About Bob?

    In this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia spank their inner moppets all the way into season two as they discuss S02E01 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "When She Was Bad," along with special guest host Marco Sparks! Points of interest: PLL chat, the thing that happens, covert ops failure, Watcher expense procedures, vampire preacher of the people, PTDSDWTFBBQ, sad boops, Buffy's precision strike, WTF is a moppet?, a fashion fuck you, a Capri Sun full of blood, shoddy gravesmanship, awkward vampire small talk, Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer, and the real hero of this episode, Bob.

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    FBTP 12.5: Best Wurst

    Season one in the books! So in this episode of Fire Bad, Tree Pretty, Amanda and Lydia take a breath before diving into season two and discuss the strange alternate universe that is the un-aired pilot, then give out some season awards. Points of interest: weird Flutie, imposter Willow, a complete lack of Jesse, flannel is NEVER OUT, sole sisters, Laura Ashley strikes again, genuinely cute Xander/Buffy interactions, NuBronze, weak quips, that's not how crosses work, a nightmare world in which Giles is unsupportive, SocMed, and welcome to Best Wurst, home of the best wurst, may I take your order?

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